Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Digital Ideas for a Modern Agricultural and Fishing Village Project: Jewel of Africa

Digital Ideas for a Modern Agricultural and Fishing Village Project: Jewel of Africa

We are in the process of embarking on an exciting project in a tropical underdeveloped country that involves the building of an ultra elegant and highly sophisticated French-English website a la WEB 2.0 for a Modern Agricultural and Fishing Village that can handle a population of 20,000.

This modern village will be a Major Showcase and global attraction for foreign direct investors and tourists from all countries in the region and throughout the world. It will be the Jewel of Africa.

It will have a highly advanced internet infrastructure designed to accommodate businesses and tourists from all over the world. As well, this village will have a Virtual Organization Management Institute Training Center designed to accommodate 200 students who will become future Master Virtual Organization Management Trainers and Chief Virtual Organization Architects. It will become THE virtual organization management knowlege hub for all countries in the region. These new graduates will provide training in the most advanced virtual organization discipline of the future to students, business leaders, government leaders and policy makers, and social responsibility professionals throughout the whole of Africa.

Your Mission Impossible Assignment

With Respect to the French-English Website

  1. From a Web 2.0 Standpoint, what would you want to see on that website from both a digital and functional standpoint that would clearly convey the major objectives outlined above for this modern village?

  2. From a User Interface Design Standpoint, what out-of-the-box design innovation can you think of that would send visitors to Web Visitor Heaven?

  3. From a Social Media Standpoint, what awesome tool or most advanced and scalable platform would you implement on this website in order to make it the envy of all the world's websites?

  4. From an Artistic-Graphic Design Standpoint, what kind of art, theme and graphic design [[ think Africa but forget about stereotypes ]] would you incorporate on this website that would make it not only truly spectacular but also a most beautiful sight for sore eyes to see?

  5. From a Viral Marketing Standpoint, what out-of-the-box digital viral marketing strategy would you employ to constantly get the word out Worldwide about the development of this project?

With Respect to the Modern Agricultural and Fishing Village Digital Infrastructure

It's now time for you to strut your stuff and show off your talents and expertise. So let's get started.

  1. Power outages are common in this part-and most parts-of the world. Therefore, what do you recommend in terms of the latest advances in digital utilities and power infrastructure technologies that can eliminate this problem altogether?

    For example, Hyperion has developed a mini plug-and-play nuclear reactor that can handle the electricity needs of a population of 20,000 without recharging for at least 5 years.

    What else is there out there that can handle such electricity needs in an (almost) plug-and-play fashion? Do you know of a genius--or are you such person--who is working on a similar effort?

  2. What are the latest, most advanced, and cost-effective "leapfrog technologies" that are available or would you recommend for that "highly advanced" internet infrastructure for this modern village?

  3. From a health and sanitation services standpoint, what are the latest advances in digital technology, innovations or suggestions you have that would make this village the envy of every country in the world?

  4. From a Green Environment standpoint, let your imagination flow and tell us what resources or "leapfrog technologies" should be implemented so that this modern village will be the envy of the world.

  5. In short, ANY IDEAS will do on how we can all move this project along.

We look forward to your contribution to this most exciting Digital Ideas project. Let your imagination flow and the rest will naturally follow.

Contact Information:

Prof. Pierre Coupet
Chairman, CEO & Doctor of Virtual Organization Management
Virtual Organization Management Institute