Saturday, January 26, 2008

Virtualization Convergence

With respect to the net, Convergence is akin to searching for and discovering the Holy Grail. I don't believe its power is understood as it should be. I've spent 10 years evangelizing on that concept and we're just now beginning to make some headway with Corporate America. It's finally catching on.

For example, the main challenge today facing ALL organizations worldwide is how to respond or adapt to changes taking place in the global marketplace due to the Virtualization of the Workspace and the Virtualization of the Workforce.

Although great strides have been made by IT with respect to Virtualization of the Workspace through the use of the latest web technologies, virtual collaboration tools, social networks and a host of web-based CMS (content management systems), sales force automation tools, sophisticated financial modeling tools, and instant messaging, etc., very little progress has been made in the area of Virtualization of the Workforce.

Besides token effort in the areas of telecommuting, virtual employment in certain fields, and virtual collaboration by some remote teams or among certain globally dispersed members, there remains a HUGE VOID that needs to be filled with respect to Virtualization of the Workforce.

Once that void is filled and we approach a state of equilibrium, a VIRTUALIZATION CONVERGENCE will take place and create a virtual synergy that will transform [whichever company] that understands its importance into a Virtual Economic Powerhouse (VEP).

That applies to any company in any industry and the bigger the company the better.

Pierre Coupet
CEO & Chief Virtual Organization Architect

Founder, Professor & Doctor of Virtual
Organization Management
Virtual Organization Management Institute

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